Word Play

ELAR-Grade-5 Foundational Skills Word Play
Students become familiar with adages and puns through identifying, using, and explaining them.

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In this experience, students become familiar with adages and puns by identifying, using, and explaining them.

Students will work in small groups in Scene 2 through Scene 5. Because adages and puns are nuanced, it is helpful to create groups that include students who are both stronger and weaker in language. Create groups that allow students to work together to explore how “word play” works.

There is an optional Elaborate scene before the Quiz designed to give students the opportunity to write their own puns.


  • Identify, use, and explain adages.
  • Identify, use, and explain puns.


One or two class periods.

You use language every day—to talk with friends, to read your class assignment, to learn how to make a cake, to express how much you love a family member, and much more.

Have you ever considered how you can “play” with language? Maybe a friend told you a joke like the following:

How do turtles talk to each other? Answer: By using shell phones!

There are many ways that language can be interesting and amusing. In this experience, you’ll learn about two ways—adages and puns.


  • Identify, use, and explain adages.
  • Identify, use, and explain puns.

sheep in wolf’s clothing

Look at the picture. 

Do you know an expression or phrase that describes the picture? If so, post it now. If not, see if you can make up a saying based on the picture. Use your imagination!

Post your answer

Students may not be familiar with the adage “Don’t trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Accept any answers that relate to the image.

Divide students into their small groups for the next four scenes. When everyone is ready to continue, unlock the next scene.

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