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Students interact with vocabulary words that they will encounter throughout Unit 9: American Identity.

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In this experience, students interact with vocabulary words that they will encounter throughout Unit 9: American Identity.

Estimated duration: 30 minutes

Vocabulary words:

  • ethos
  • landmark
  • national identity
  • nationalism
  • patriotism
  • responsibility
  • right
  • symbol


  • Learn vocabulary related to American identity.

Unit Vocabulary

You have learned a lot about the United States in this course. Now, you will learn about some of the things that shape American society and make it a special place to live.

  • Learn vocabulary related to American identity.

cartoon of people dressed in costume with red, white, and blue stars and stripes, with American flags and the Statue of Liberty

  • ethos: the attitudes and beliefs that are typical of a society
  • landmark: a famous object, building, or natural formation that is used to identify a certain place
  • national identity: the shared characteristics of the residents of a country, including its beliefs, culture, traditions, language, and politics
  • nationalism: the belief that one nation is better than all others
  • patriotism: strong feelings of love and respect for one’s country
  • responsibility: a duty that you have as a citizen of a country
  • right: something that one is entitled to by law, tradition, or nature
  • symbol: something such as a mark or a picture that stands for or represents something else

Your identity is who you are. This unit deals with your American identity. What other types of identity can you have? Name at least one.

Post your answer

Identity can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Personal/individual identity: ability, age, gender, sexual orientation
  • Social/collective identity: race, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic level
One’s identity is a combination of these along a continuum. An artistic person may see that as a personal identity or a collective identity.

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