Texas Culture: Vocabulary

Texas Studies Texas Culture Texas Culture: Vocabulary
Students interact with vocabulary words that they will encounter throughout Unit 8: Texas Culture.

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In this experience, students interact with vocabulary words that they will encounter throughout Unit 8: Texas Culture.

Estimated duration: 30 minutes

Vocabulary words:

  • anthem
  • civic affairs
  • culture
  • diversity
  • election
  • official
  • patriotic
  • pledge
  • political process
  • symbol


  • Learn vocabulary related to Texas culture.

Unit Vocabulary

You have learned about the history and geography of Texas throughout this course. In this unit, you will focus on the cultural side of Texas.


  • Learn vocabulary related to Texas culture.

This lesson builds your vocabulary with words you will use in this unit. The words are:

  • anthem: the official song of a country or state
  • civic affairs: issues related to citizens in a community
  • culture: the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and arts that characterizes a group of people
  • diversity: including people from different ethnicities and social backgrounds
  • election: an event where citizens vote for their leaders
  • official: (1, adjective) something that is decided by the government or another authority;
    (2, noun) someone who holds an important position in a government or organization
  • patriotic: having strong feelings of love and respect for one’s country
  • pledge: a public promise
  • political process: the method of selecting and interacting with political candidates and leaders
  • symbol: something that represents a particular idea or quality

entranceway with a big sign reading State Fair of Texas

Entrance to the fair grounds in Dallas, home of the State Fair of Texas

The State Fair of Texas is held every year in Dallas. One of the many famous activities is the Annual Big Tex Choice Awards, which are given to new fried food dishes in one of three categories: savory, sweet, and most creative.

Why do you think that food is an important part of a culture?

Post your answer

Food is one of the elements required for survival. Since the foods that people eat were originally dependent on the area in which they lived, different ethnic groups developed their own style of cooking. Holiday celebrations often have their own food traditions as well, reinforcing the cultural importance of food.

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