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Exploros OER Social Studies Pilot

Please review this additional information about the Pilot Program.


Please download and review the MOU. This is a sample that explains the commitments that Exploros will undertake as part of the pilot, and outlines what we expect from partnering districts. Upon pilot acceptance, we'll send your district a specific MOU, which we will jointly complete.

Project Definition

This is a sample project definition document. As part of the pilot, we'll work with each participating district to complete a version of this document as a means of outlining goals and expectations, site champions, timelines, and other information to ensure pilot success.

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Review a Sample Learning Experience

View The Shot Heard Around the World. This pdf contains screen grabs from the teacher view of the lesson in the Exploros app. You can see the 5E model design, and get a feel for student engagement and interaction.

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Get an Exploros Account with U.S. History

We have a special Social Studies Sign Up Page where you can get an Exploros teacher account, and we'll automatically push U.S. History learning experiences to your account. Just follow the link, and sign up on the bottom of the page.

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