Surrender at Citronelle

Mobile, Alabama fell to Union forces in April 1865. Confederate Lt. Gen. Richard Taylor agreed to meet Union Major Gen. E.R.S. Canby at Magee Farm to establish a truce, which either side could cancel on 48-hours notice. Taylor arrived at the meeting with only one other officer, but Canby came with a full brigade and a military band.

The two generals met again a few days later in Citronelle. Taylor had received word that Confederate General Johnston had surrendered and President Davis had been captured. Taylor surrendered at Citronelle.

Under the terms, officers could keep their sidearms and soldiers could keep their horses. All property and equipment was to be handed over; the Confederate men were paroled; Taylor retained control of the railways and river steamers to transport the troops home. Taylor remained at his headquarters in Mississippi until all his men were gone, and then he returned to his home in New Orleans.

Source: Surrender at Citronelle
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