Layla’s Speech

Hello fellow Mustangs! As most of you know, I am Layla Rodriguez and I am running for Student Government Association’s President of Magnolia Middle School. I have been a part of student government for the last two years, as a sixth and seventh grader. I have grown up in Marshall, and I see many of you not only at school, but also at the pool in the summer and at the Rink on the weekends. If you elect me to be your next Student Council President, I will make MMS a better school for all students.

Every one of you must use a computer at some point during the school year. How often do you go to the library to work on an assignment and all the computers are being used by other people? Or, when you get a laptop from the class carts, it does not allow you to log on or it does not let you get on to the Internet? When you elect me, I will work with Principal Hammond to get more computers. Students at other schools have their own laptops. I want the same thing for you, Mustangs!

Secondly, I want to improve our school lunches. There are times that I want to buy a bag of chips or cookie to go along with the lunch that I packed at home. Currently, the cafeteria only sells food to students who are buying a whole lunch. That’s discriminating against the rest of us! As president of the SGA, I will change this. I will work with Mrs. Perkins in the cafeteria to make this change.

Last, do you see how often the gym is empty? I know that there are a lot of us who like to use the gym for a free time. Mr. Hammond says we cannot use it because there is no one to supervise us. Last time I checked, exercise was supposed to be good for you and improve your ability to concentrate. Has that changed, Mr. Hammond? Vote for me to be your president and I will make sure that we get to use the gym more often. I will work with Mr. Hammond to include free time in our Mustang Bucks system, so you and your friends can buy gym time.

Tomorrow, when you receive the official SGA ballot, make sure to circle my name, Layla Rodriguez, to be your next Mustang Student Government president. Let’s make Magnolia Middle School the talk of the town!

Source: Layla’s Speech
By Exploros, CC BY-SA 4.0

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