Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

aer-, aero- (air)
ante- (before)
anti- (against)
auto- (self)
bene- (good, well)
bi-, bine- (two)
centi- (one hundred)
co-, con-, com- (with)
col- (together)
con- (full)
contr-, contra-, counter- (against)
de- (down, away from)
dec-, deca- (ten)
di-, dis- (not, to separate)
dys- (abnormal)
em-, en- (cause, put into)
equi- (equal)
ex- (former, outside)
fore- (before)
hemi- (half)
in-, im- (on, into, toward)
il-, in-, im-, ir- (not)
inter- (between)
kilo- (thousand)
meta- (beyond, after, change)
mid- (middle)
mis- (wrong, bad)
mono- (one)
multi- (many)
non- (not, without)
oct-, octa-, oct- (eight)
ortho- (straight)
over- (above, larger)
pent-, penta- (five)
per- (throughout)
poly- (many)
pre- (before)
quad-, quadri- (four)
re- (back, again)
semi- (half)
sept- (seven)
sex- (six)
sub- (under)
super- (above, beyond)
tel-, tele-, telo- (distant)
tri- (three)
un- (opposite)
under- (below, less)
uni- (one)

act, ag (do)
an, annu, enni (year)
anim (life spirit)
brev (short)
cede (to go)
cert (sure)
chrome (color)
chron (time)
clam, claim (shout)
clar (clear)
cycl, cycle (wheel)
dent, dont (tooth)
dyna (power)
ego (self)
erg (work, effect)
establish (make)
fere (clash)
fit (right, appropriate)
flex (bend)
form (shape)
fort (strong)
funct (perform)
graph (writing, handwriting)
hydra, hydro (water)
iatr, iatro (medical care)
leg (law)
mal (bad)
man, mani, manu (hand)
max (great)
ment (mind)
meter (measure)
migra (wander)
mob (move)
morph (form)
nat (springing forth, from)
phon, phone (sound)
port (to carry)
scop, scope (observe)
sens (feel)
serv (save, serve)
solv, solu (loosen, solve)
sphere (ball)
sym, syn (same)
tact, tang (touch)
techno (science, skill)
tect (cover)
ten, tain (hold)
the, theo (god)
therm-, thermo- (heat)
tribute (give)
vade (go)
vid, vide, vis (see)
zo (animal)

-able, ible (ability)
-ac (pertaining to)
-acy, -cy, -acity, -ocity (state of, quality of)
-al (action of, form of)
-ant, -ent (performing an action)
-arian (supportive of)
-al (action)
-ate (cause to happen)
-dom (state of or place)
-en (cause to happen)
-er, ier, est (in comparison to)
-er, -or (one who/that which)
-gon (angle)
-ian, -an (having a skill, belonging to)
-ic, ical, etic (form or quality of)
-ice (act)
-ify (to cause)
-ile (being like)
-ism (belief)
-ist (person)
-ity, -ty (quality of)
-ive (from)
-ize (become)
-less (without)
-ment (state of)
-ology, logy (study of)
-ory (place for)
-ous, -us (full of)
-phile (one who loves)
-phobia (fear)
-ship (condition of, skill)
-sion, -tion (thing)
-ure (action)
-ward, -wards (direction)
-y (having)

Source: Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

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