Why Girls Should Play Sports

Dear Principal Jones,

I am writing this letter because I think you should add more girls’ sports to our school. Why should girls be involved in sports you might ask? There are many benefits to girls when they are involved in sports.

Being in sports helps girls do better in school. You might think that extra time spent practicing would pull away from schoolwork. But research has shown that kids involved in sports do better in school. Exercise helps improve memory and concentration, which improves performance in school.

Being involved in sports helps improve self-image and helps build friendships. Working hard and setting team goals forms bonds between the girls. This makes their friendships stronger.

Being in sports is a great way to increase health by helping muscles and bones develop and grow. In addition to physical health, mental health is also improved. Exercises releases hormones that help people feel happier. The better girls feel physically and mentally, the less likely they are to make unhealthy choices.

Strong friendships, self-confidence, and healthy minds and bodies help girls feel like they are part of the school community. For all these reasons and more I hope you consider adding more options to the girls’ sports programs. The girls and the school as a whole will be better off!

Molly Ralston
4th Grade

Source: Why Girls Should Play Sports
By Exploros, CC BY-SA 4.0

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