Word List


anti- (against)
auto- (self)
bene- (good, well)
co-, con-, com- (with)
con- (full)
de- (opposite)
dis- (not, to separate)
in-, im- (on, into, toward)
inter- (between)
mis- (wrong, bad)
mono- (one)
non- (not)
ortho- (straight)
pre- (before)
re- (back, again)
sub-, suf- (under, after)
super- (above, beyond)
un- (opposite)
uni- (one)


chrome (color)
dent, dont (tooth)
fere (clash)
fit (right, appropriate)
flex (bend)
form (shape)
fort (strong)
graph (writing, handwriting)
meter (measure)
mob (move)
nat (springing forth, from)
sens (feel)
serv (save, serve)
solv, solu (loosen, solve)
therm-, thermo- (heat)
tribute (give)
zo (animal)


-able, ible (worthy of or able to)
-al (action)
-ate (cause to happen)
-er, -or (one who/that which)
-ful (full of)
-ify (to cause)
-ile (being like)
-ist (person who believes or does something)
-less (without)
-ly (in a certain way)
-ment (state of, action or process)
-ology, logy (study of)
-tion (act or process)

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