More on Concrete

According to the website of the Portland Cement Association, cement.org, concrete is ideal for many surfaces. These include:

  • roads
  • sidewalks
  • outdoor stairs
  • driveways
  • garages
  • patios
  • basements
  • industrial floors

The website points out that it is very important to install concrete correctly. If the proper methods are followed, the concrete will last for many years. If improperly installed, however, it can fall apart like a sand castle.

What makes a proper installation? First, remove all plants, soft soil, and rocks, and pour concrete on firm soil. Second, make sure the finished concrete slopes gently so it can drain. Third, make sure the weather is warm enough so that the fresh cement can dry at a temperature above 40 degrees F. If using concrete when the temperature is below 40 degrees F, put a canvas tent and heater over the cement for about 24 hours.

Source: More on Concrete
From Portland Cement Association, adapted by Exploros

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