Alamo Timeline Texas Revolution: 1835-1836

San Antonio de Béxar experienced two sieges and battles during the Texas Revolution.

The first, the Siege and Battle of Béxar, began in late October 1835. The rebels gained control of San Antonio and the Alamo.

On February 23, 1836, General Antonio López de Santa Anna and his army arrived at San Antonio to put down the rebellion. The Texian rebels moved into the safety of the old fortified mission known as the Alamo. As Mexican forces surrounded the Alamo, Santa Anna raised the red flag, which meant that no mercy would be given to the traitors inside. Alamo commander William Barret Travis began writing desperate pleas for help.

While the Alamo was under siege, the provisional Texas government met at Washington-on-the-Brazos. On March 2, the convention declared independence and the Republic of Texas was born. The Alamo’s garrison showed its support for independence from Mexico by sending its own delegates to the convention.

Unaware that Texas had declared independence, the 185 Alamo defenders stayed at their post waiting for help from the other settlements.

Legendary knife fighter James Bowie was in command before falling ill and sharing duties with Travis.

The final attack came before dawn on March 6, 1836. Mexican troops charged toward the Alamo before dawn. The defenders rushed to the walls and fired into the darkness. Travis raced to the north wall but was soon killed. Bowie was most likely killed in his bed.

Mexican soldiers broke through the north wall and flooded into the compound. The battle lasted about 90 minutes.

After the battle – which Santa Anna described as a “small affair” – Mexican troops continued their march to the Texian settlements while rebel forces retreated toward Louisiana.

Source: Alamo Timeline Texas Revolution: 1835-1836
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