The Legacy of Simon Bolivar

Bolívar is extremely important in northern and western South America. He had the skills necessary to win independence for many of the Spanish colonies. Bolívar was probably the best general South America who ever lived, as well as the most influential politician. Bolívar is rightly considered by many as the most important figure in Latin American history.

Some nations had their own liberators, such as Bernardo O'Higgins in Chile or Miguel Hidalgo in Mexico, but these men are not well-known outside of the nations they helped free. Simón Bolívar is known all over Latin America. He knew how to win freedom for Latin America.

Bolívar's vision and words have proven true over time. He predicted that the region would always be at an international disadvantage if Gran Colombia fell apart resulting in smaller, weaker republics in the former Spanish colonies. This has certainly proven to be the case,. Many people in Latin American have wondered if things would be different today if Bolívar had managed to unite all of northern and western South America into one large, powerful nation.

Bolívar still serves as a source of inspiration for many people. In 1999, former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez initiated what he called a "Bolivarian Revolution," in which he tried to introduce socialism in Venezuela. Both books and movies have been made about Bolívar.

Source: The Legacy of Simon Bolivar
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