The Abolitionist Movement

The Abolitionist movement was a social pressure group in the North that fought for the end of slavery. The goal of the Abolitionist movement in the industrialized free states of the North was the emancipation of slaves in the agricultural slave states of the South that depended on slave labor for their cash crop economy. The Abolitionist movement began during Andrew Jackson’s presidency, in 1831.

The Northern States dealt with manufacturing and industrialization while the climate and natural sources in the Southern States favored farming which needed slaves. The cotton gin invention increased the need for slaves in the South. The Second Great Awakening, the 1830 religious revival movement inspired the establishment of Abolitionist movements in the North.

The goal of the abolitionist movement was to abolish slavery. This was done through various methods; protest groups, anti-slavery propaganda, political pressure and militant activists increased pressure. Up to the passing of the 13th Amendment slaves could only escape the bondage via systems such as the Underground Railroad or to spend many years working towards their goal of Buying Freedom from Slavery.

Source: The Abolitionist Movement
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