Stephen F. Austin

Austin used caution in dealing with the Mexican authorities. He even sent a militia from his colony to help the Mexicans during the Fredonian rebellion.

Mexico had political problems. Austin called for patience and neutrality, but a growing number of Anglo American settlers didn't agree with him. As Anglo Texans grew bolder, the Mexican government grew more nervous about the immigrants. In 1830, the Mexican government passed a law prohibiting further Anglo American immigration.

Austin had supported Santa Anna, an activist for reform who took over in Mexico in 1833. Austin presented to Santa Anna the Texans’ requests to reopen immigration, reduce taxes, and allow statehood for Texas.

Austin was arrested and held without charges in a Mexican prison for almost a year. When he finally returned to Texas in August 1835, he found it in near-rebellion. Austin no longer believed there was a possible future for Anglo Texas as part of Mexico.

Source: Stephen F. Austin
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