Seven Cities of Cíbola

There were many stories, or myths, which made Spaniards explore New Spain (Colonial Mexico). One was the legend of the Seven Cities. In the year 714 seven Catholic bishops and their followers left Portugal, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and landed in present-day Antilia. The Antilian islands did not produce a lot of gold and silver. By 1539 Cabeza de Vaca and the men with him reported that the land there had cities with gold and silver, one was called Cibola.

Viceroy (leader) Antonio de Mendoza sent Fray Marcos de Niza and an African named Estevanico on an expedition to see what they could find. Estevanico died on the expedition, but Fray Marcos returned to New Spain and reported seeing large golden cities.

In 1540 Francisco Vazquez de Coronado learned the truth that the golden cities were just a myth.

Source: Seven Cities of Cíbola
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