Sanford Dole

Sanford Dole was born in 1844 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He served as the first governor of the Territory of Hawaii. Dole was elected to the Kingdom of Hawaii's legislature in 1884. Then he served as a Supreme Court justice until early 1893.

Dole was a supporter of Westernization. Hawaii had a large sugar industry, and the American industrialists wanted the annexation of Hawaii to the United States. American landowners in Hawaii took possession of Hawaii in January of 1893, overthrowing the Hawaiin Queen Liliuokalaniand set up a provisional government. Sanford Dole was named president. He served as the president of the Republic of Hawaii for six years. When William McKinley was elected U.S. president, he named Dole to the post of governor of the territory of Hawaii. Dole later served as a federal judge. Sanford Dole continued his career as a public servant until his death in 1926.

Source: Sanford Dole
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