Key reasons why students should learn about civics

A truly democratic society relies on its citizens to be informed and active. Civics education should be included as part of any school’s curriculum for four important reasons.

  • Fundamentals of Government: Civics education teaches students about the basics of how their government works. They also learn about the duties of each of the three branches of government and how they create a checks and balances system.
  • Ownership as Citizens: Civics education teaches students that it is the citizens’ voices that matter in shaping the government by voting candidates in or out of office if the politicians do not represent them.
  • Proactive and Knowledgeable Voting: Students learn that voting is an important duty of every citizen. Civics education also gives students the knowledge they need to make informed decisions before exercising their right to vote.
  • Limitations of Government: Civics education teaches people that the government has limitations and that every citizen has Constitutional rights that cannot be taken away.

A democratic society depends on its people filling their duties as citizens. With a proper civics education, people know what is expected of them and what are the limitations placed on the government.

Source: Key reasons why students should learn about civics

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