Great Wall of China

Long ago, the people in ancient China built a long wall called the Great Wall. They did this to protect their land from enemies trying to invade the land. They created parts of the wall around 600 BCE. Later on, the Chinese connected all these parts to make one big wall around 200 BCE.

This wall is extremely long. It would be as long as going from one side of the United States to the other. It's made of different materials such as dirt, rocks, and bricks. It's also tall - about as tall as a two-story building. There are towers along the wall where people could look out for trouble, and a path on top so people could move around easily.

The wall was important for keeping the enemies out and helping with trade, but over time people stopped using it for defense. By the 1600s, it was falling apart.

However, in the 1900s, people realized how special the Great Wall is to China and the world. They started fixing it up and taking care of it. In 1987, a group called UNESCO said the Great Wall is a monument that is important to the entire world. They made it a World Heritage site to make sure it stays around for a long time.

Source: Great Wall of China
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