Democrat vs. Republican

Views on Major Issues

  Democrat Republican
Philosophy Liberal, left leaning Conservative, right leaning
Economic Ideas Support minimum wages and progressive taxation (higher tax rate for higher income brackets); favor more government regulation Oppose raising taxes for anyone, including the wealthy; wages should be set by the free market
Social and human ideas Based on community and social responsibility Based on individual rights and justice
Military issues Support decreased spending Support increased spending
Gay marriage/abortion Generally support Generally oppose
Death penalty Strong support, with a faction that opposes Generally support
Taxes Support progressive taxation; may raise taxes to fund government programs Support flat tax (same rate for everyone); oppose raising taxes
Government regulation Support regulation as needed to protect consumers Oppose regulation; believe it blocks free capitalism and job growth
Healthcare policy Support universal healthcare with government involvement; support Obamacare Support privatization of healthcare for efficiency; oppose most of Obamacare
Immigration Oppose deportation; support a pathway to citizenship for certain undocumented immigrants Oppose amnesty for undocumented immigrants; support stronger policing at the border

Source: Democrat vs. Republican
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