Core Democratic Values: Fundamental Beliefs

Core democratic values are the fundamental beliefs that unite all Americans. These values are found in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other important documents of our nation.

Fundamental Beliefs

Life: A person's right to life can't be violated except if your life or the lives of others is threatened.

Liberty: Includes personal freedom, political freedom, and economic freedom. This is the freedom for people to gather in groups. They can have their own beliefs, ideas, and opinions. People also have the right to express their opinions in public.

  • Personal Freedom: right to think and act without government control.
  • Political Freedom: right to participate in political process.
  • Economic Freedom: right to buy, sell and trade private property and the right to employment without the government interfering.

The Pursuit of Happiness: As long as you don't interfere with others you have the right to seek happiness in your own way.

Common Good: Working together for the welfare of the community or the benefit of all.

Justice: All people should be treated fairly with both the benefits and the obligations of society. No individual or group should be favored over another person or group.

Equality: The right to political, legal, social and economic equality. Everyone has the right to the same treatment regardless of race, sex, religion, heritage, or economic status.

Diversity: The differences in culture, dress, language, heritage, and religion are not just tolerated, but celebrated as a strength.

Truth: The people expect and demand that the government not lie to them, and the government should disclose information to the people. The government and its people should not lie.

Popular Sovereignty: The power of the government comes from the people. The people are the ultimate authority over the government.

Patriotism: The people or citizens show a love and devotion for their country and its values. They can show this by words or by actions.

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