Boston Tea Party: Eyewitness Account

The tea destroyed was in three ships at the Griffin Wharf and surrounded by armed ships of war. Before the 17th December 1773, there was a meeting of the citizens of the county of Suffolk, convened at one of the churches in Boston, for the purpose of consulting on what measures might be considered expedient to prevent the landing of the tea, or secure the people from the collection of the duty. At that meeting a committee was appointed to wait on Governor Hutchinson and request him to inform them whether he would take any measures to satisfy the people on the objective of the meeting.

Governor didn’t reply to them on time as he had left town. The people divided into three parties, for the purpose of boarding the three tea ships at the same time. The hatches were opened and took all the chests of tea and threw them overboard. In about three hours from going onboard, we had broken and thrown overboard every tea chest to be found in the three ships. Some people tried stealing some tea for their families, but all those noted were put into custody. The main objective was to destroy all the tea.

Source: Boston Tea Party: Eyewitness Account
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