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Tablets are coming
to schools...

What will they enable?

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Using lots of apps
can complicate teaching

eBooks add only
incremental value...

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The 21st Century Skills Platform

Leverage your existing lesson plans.
Preserve the teacher-student relationship.
Enable the social nature of learning to help
students improve 21st Century Skills.

designed for the 1:1 classroom

Classrooms work because they are social environments run by an experienced teacher. Exploros preserves the teacher-student relationship, enhances peer interaction, and empowers learning whether it takes place face-to-face, in a blended environment, or virtually. 

enables your lesson plans

You have a lot invested in lesson plans. With Exploros’ easy-to-use authoring tool and conversion services, you can transform your lesson plans into collaborative, student-facing, teacher-driven learning experiences. And you can share them in our learning experience marketplace.  

provides real-time data

Teachers get real-time information. From the basics, such as which students are currently using the Exploros app—or off doing something else—and assessment dashboards, to more advanced visuals like collaboration graphs.

Why Exploros?

Our Team and Our History

The Exploros team has an understanding of education from many perspectives. We’ve developed award-winning, large market-share products on our own and for big publishers. But we’re also not afraid to look honestly at how little technology has helped education to date. Learn more >> 

Patent-Pending Technology

Instead of telling teachers how they can use technology, we designed a technology around how teachers teach, using the power of today’s real-time social architectures.

A Realistic Progression

We don’t need to disrupt education. What we need to do is help teachers and districts get on a transformative path that can be implemented successfully over time, with a cohesive technology-enabled strategy that is built for this progression.

What experts are saying about Exploros

We consider Exploros superior to any platform that we have developed or that is available elsewhere because it incorporates collaboration at its core. Collaboration is an important educational strategy and cannot be layered on top of a platform—it must be built in from the beginning. Exploros is the only platform that has done this. 

Bob Tinker
Founder of the Concord Consortium

Quote of the week

In short, what I like best about Exploros is that it fundamentally improves the way we are able to introduce and reinforce our vocabulary units.

Benjamin Lally - English Department Chair, Burlington School District, MA

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